“My Response to every situation is “it’s all good” because even if it isn’t, I’m going to make sure it will be.
I saw this quote on a post this morning and screamed “YES!”
Because it’s true. I’m confident in that statement because I’ve seen me do it.
I have a long list of proof that I am completely capable of making sure that things work out. Tons of evidence that I will always handle my business and make things happen.
So that is why I rarely get worked up anymore. I look at the challenge, the bump in the road and think “Okay universe, I see you. Now let’s get to the solution” and that’s what I do. Adjust where I need to adjust, roll with the punches, and keep pushing through.
But here is the common misconception around this statement “It’s all good”… I say that and people think I just don’t care. Or I’m not concerned. Or I don’t worry about the outcome. Or that I’m so caught up in my own stuff that I don’t see reality.
And you couldn’t be more wrong.
Just because it’s the normal reaction for people to freak out, get stressed, shut down, cuss and scream, doesn’t mean that’s how I NEED to respond.
Sure I have my fair share of “What. The. Fuck” moments every day, but that’s to be expected when you’re passionate about something and dealing with other people. But all in all the reaction is a deep breath and a “It’s all good” when someone asks me “are you okay?”
Because how constructive is it to just bitch about your problems? Or complain about the wrench that got thrown into your plans? It’s not. It’s not constructive at all.
What does it do instead?
It wastes time. It takes up space. It uses your energy. It lowers your vibe. It clouds your judgement. It lowers your self esteem. It lowers your productivity. It makes you feel like shit overall. And while it’s doing that to you, it’s also doing that to anyone around you.
So me choosing to look at things with a “it’s all good” attitude isn’t naive or cocky of me, it’s me choosing to be in control of my own lift and the way things play out for me.
It’s all a choice, friends.
Remember that.

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