“The 10 commandments aren’t multiple choice”.

I was driving down the street a couple days ago and saw that written on a sign in front of a church.

I immediately thought, “That goes the same for Core 4”.

It’s not a multiple choice question.

You don’t get to just pick one and only focus on it and think that life is going to be peachy.

You don’t get to master one and then move to the next, no longer working on the first one and think that everything is going to still flow.

That’s not how it works.

They all fit together.

They all feed off each other.

And quite honestly, If you’re trying to be a successful human being with a fulfilling life that is on YOUR TERMS and actually FEELS GOOD, you have to have the discipline to put the time and attention into all four pillars.

So what is CORE 4?

Well it’s the four main areas of your life that are imperative to living a successful and balanced life.

It was taught to me by one of my mentors, it was taught to him by one of his mentors, and I have been teaching it to my clients for a couple of years now.

-BODY (health, fitness, sleep, water intake, diet).
-BALANCE (relationships, all of them; intimate, business, friends, family. choosing how you show up daily in each of them).
-BEING (mindset, meditation, journaling, expansion, learning, reading, being present, being aware).
-BUSINESS (your job, your business, your income, your finances, your investments).

It includes putting the time, planning, and effort into each area. They are all made to work together. And I can tell you from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that if you leave one out, you’re majorly holding yourself back.

For about a year, I half-assed body. I ate clean, I did yoga from time to time but I didn’t have discipline in the area of body. I didn’t push myself into uncomfortable measures in the area of body. I didn’t pay attention to my health every single day. And everything else suffered.

About 30 days into me buckling down, hiring a trainer, and getting serious about changing my body, I started making more money.
I had more energy. I felt better, which in turn means I have higher vibe and am able to create even more for my business.
I tested my own mental capacity and was able to be more clear and present in relationships.

It effected EVERY AREA.

And I was convinced. I know for a fact that this shit works. But only if you work it. Every day. Not just when you feel like it.

It’s a non-negotiable.
It’s not a multiple choice question.
End of story.

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