How do you keep your feet on the ground when you KNOW YOU WERE BORN TO FLY?

Well, you try for years. You try to stay grounded and do what’s expected of you. You get the job. You get the house. You date the guy. You get the car.

And then you slip. You just can’t take it anymore and you slip.

You rebel.

You throw them all off.

You take the unbeaten path.

They all look at you confused, unsure of why or what you’re doing.

They worry. They whisper behind your back. They talk about how you’re lost, about how you’re a mess.

But they just don’t see it.

They don’t see the vision you see.

They don’t feel that feeling in your guts that you just can’t ignore.

They don’t know that trying to be the person they all wanted you to be, the person that makes them feel comfortable was actually suffocating you.

They don’t know.

So they assume you must be off, something must be wrong. They label you the crazy one. But once you’ve stepped out, you don’t care anymore. You keep paving your own path.

So, how do you keep your feet on the ground when you know deep in your soul that you were born to fly? YOU DON’T. YOU FLY INSTEAD.

And eventually you quit trying. You quit trying to fit in. You quit ignoring it and let the light shine through. You let your wings loose. You make them uncomfortable but YOU FEEL FREE.

MORE FREE THAN YOU’VE EVER FELT. You can’t stop. There is no turning back now. Normal isn’t an option. It never really was an option in the first place but now there is no way you could even pretend to make that work or look real.

So you shine. You stand and shine. And yes, you’ll probably blind the shit out of everyone around you… especially at first. But don’t stop.




Flap your wings.

Shine your light.

Keep your feet off the ground.



Don’t squander it.

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