We have these things we “dream” about. Things that go through our head from time to time over the years (OR maybe things we think about much more often than we will ever admit) but we don’t allow ourselves to actually stop and think that they MIGHT actually be possible.

Recently, one of those images that’s been bouncing around in my head came to life.

It literally played out EXACTLY how I had imagined it. It almost seems surreal that it happened and is already over!

But I can promise you something, this is the first of many.

I WILL be hosting these workshops regularly.

I WILL be keeping them intimate so we can actually dig deep and get clear.

I WILL keep exposing the deeper, darker foundational shit that truly keeps you stuck.

Sitting here last night thinking about how the day unfolded, thinking back to the eye opening that happened in that room, thinking about the way things just literally FLOWED out of me in ways I wasn’t even aware of… I realized something…

the world has only seen about a quarter of what I’m capable of and I’m about to BLOW the roof off this bitch!

So stay tuned.

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