I HAVE A TAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS. And it wasn’t sprayed on..

I’ve gotten more vitamin D in the past 3 weeks than I have in 2 years.

What does that matter?

Well, last summer I was rocking the total ghost pale skin tone all the way through the end of the summer. Which means that I wasn’t getting out. Like at all.

I was all hustle, all the time. I wasn’t taking full advantage of the life I had built. I wasn’t enjoying the freedom that comes along with running a virtual business.

To be honest, I was allowing it to run me, not the other way around.

You see, I’m a workaholic by nature. It was always my normal to be grinding, head down in my computer all day long, long into the night hours and never giving myself flexibility.

Here’s the thing though, I always did it at my DESK.
In my home office.

I didn’t let myself take this laptop anywhere else and that’s what was killing me and keeping me from fully unleashing and unlocking what my soul NEEDS in order to fully create.

These past 6 months or so I’ve switched that up big time.

Instead of only enjoying the freedom I’ve built every few months, I’ve been jumping on an airplane and going somewhere at least once a month. It’s not that it’s really been a goal of mine, it’s just been me taking advantage of the opportunities in front of me.


Now hold on a minute… I still hustle and work my ass off. I just choose to do it on my terms.

What does that mean?
That means I take advantage of any place I can find with Wi-Fi (not just within my house).
That means I sit next to the pool watching people splash and drink and choose to work on my phone.
That means I hustle in airports.
That means I create while 30k feet in the air.
That means I sit at the poolside bar with my laptop.
That means I ALLOW THE FREEDOM TO RULE and I work wherever and whenever I feel like it.

Yes, I still work more than the average human, but I’m SMART about it. I do it on my terms. I’m proactive. I work the schedule and the plan and do it daily so I know that no matter what, the freedom exists.

My soul CRAVES it.

And the beautiful part of this life is feeding those cravings.

The other part of this discipline is knowing that when it’s required, you will stay up all night working to finish a project or crank out a program that’s burning in your soul. It’s part of the balance.

How do you create that?
From flow.

From getting insanely connected to your core and to what feels good for you.
From getting really clear about how you want your day to flow.
From putting in the work to be present enough in every day that you can know what needs to be done and then actually execute it.

You see, when it comes from a place of alignment and flow it’s not work. It’s not stressful. It’s not something that runs you.

The choice is really up to you. Just decide how you want your life to run and grab the reins.

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