Discipline. Nobody likes that word.
You either tune out the moment you hear it, or you swear you have it.
The truth is most if us don’t… there’s no reason to lie about it.
The even bigger truth is that it’s absolutely NECESSARY to create success.
Yep. Sorry to burst your rebellious little bubble but do you want it? Then you better learn to be disciplined.
Consistency doesn’t come without discipline.
Building your tribe doesn’t come without discipline.
Building the body you want or just simply getting healthy doesn’t come without discipline.
Your household won’t run smoothly or your kids be at all well behaved without discipline.
It really is the root of it all.
So how do you create discipline?
First off, quit lying about it. Right now. Just stop bullshitting. Your results speak louder than your words and a fraud is always revealed based on his/her results.
Then it’s time to strengthen your mindset. You know that phrase “Mind over Matter”? Well it’s relevant as hell.
Your mindset is what keeps you on track. It’s what keeps your eye on the prize. It’s what keeps you making the choices that move you forward.
Mindset and discipline are legit BFFs. You can’t have the big D without the mindset. End of story.
You know that moment where your excuses start creeping in and you have those 5 seconds where you get to choose?
You choose to listen to excuse OR you choose to follow through and take the action that pushes you forward.
It’s that choice that defines discipline.
It’s repeating that choice that creates success.
Daily practice is what strengthens your discipline muscle. Choosing to do something that you know pushes the needle forward and choosing to do it daily.
Do it daily, even when you don’t feel like it. Repeat that week after week and month after month and guess what? You’ve got yourself DISCIPLINE. It’s now a habit and habits are your friend.
Now it’s something you can recreate. If you do it in one area of life you can do it in all areas. And it’s when you’re paying attention to all of the areas that you start to truly feel the flow and alignment and success that life has to offer.
So quit being scared of the word discipline and get to work creating the life you want.
Less talk. More action.

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