ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GUYS …. I can feel the eye rolls from here but hear my out…
I quit saying that phrase a long time ago because I know what everyone automatically assumes when I say it… Ya know, because everyone is exactly the same and because society told you that all chicks who says “all my guys are friends” is actually a whore who sneaks into the lives of boys and wants to steal them from their girlfriends and get lots of attention and have lots of sex with said “friends”.

Here’s the thing… Yes I have a handful of girlfriends that I adore and have awesome relationships with BUT I have equally tight friendships with guys.
Does that mean that I’m trying to sleep with them or get lots of extra attention? NO.
Does that mean that I strut into a circle of dudes in high heels, short shorts, and my cleavage out and say “Oh, I’m just hanging with the boys”? NO.
It means I like the same things that guys like. I can talk to you about the suspension you just put on your Jeep, I can talk about the exhaust, or chip you just put on your truck. I can help you take those tires off your quad and swap them out. Shit, I can tire down a monster truck for God’s sake!
Blame it on my Daddy but I have always had a genuine interest in “guy stuff”. Fishing, guns, muddin’, motorcycles, Jeepin’, burn outs, engines, racing, driving dirty trucks and sitting around in dirty garages talking about them or working on them. I ACTUALLY ENJOY THAT.
So there’s the difference between what you think when you hear a chick say all her friends are guys, and what it means for ME.
In the past, I’ve toned this down a lot. I’ve stayed away from my friends garage or the race track because I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit. The bullshit from other people, from girlfriends, or wives who instantly judge me and think I’m there with ulterior motives…even though I make a point to treat them exactly the same way I treat my friends.
I’ve avoided situations because I didn’t want to cause any trouble but then one day I thought about it and asked myself, “WHY?”
Conclusion here: Fuck That!
I know who I am. I know what my intention is there. I know that I am truly there to talk shop, not to try and pick up a new dude. Shit, most of the time I walk in in dirty jeans and a t-shirt. So if someone else wants to judge or assume, that’s honestly NOT MY PROBLEM. It obviously has nothing to do with me…at all.
I’ve been lucky over the years and have made some amazing friends with guys who don’t care that I’m a chick. They don’t treat me any differently. They barely even acknowledge that I’m a girl at all, to be honest. But here’s the thing… it’s those guys who girlfriends and wives I get along with great and have good relationships with.
So maybe it’s not really about the girl as much as it is about the guy and HIS intentions.
If he is truly a friend to me, then why would it be a problem? It wouldn’t.
If a guy is treating his woman correctly and making her comfortable and confident in how he feels about her, then she wouldn’t worry about me in the first place.
So dudes, listen up. You have a super cool chick who’s a friend? It’s up to you to make sure you approach that situation correctly in order to make sure that the woman in your life is okay with it. Keep that in mind.
And ladies, there really ARE women out there who just want to talk about trucks and are deep down inside, “One of the guys”. It’s not an act. It’s not a front. It’s a part of who they are. So don’t be so quick to judge. She just has different interests and typically the only place where she can openly talk about them and actually be heard is standing in a garage with a bunch of guys.
My beautiful friends, learn to think outside of the box. Learn to remove the stereotype and see people for who they are… even if it’s not something you’re used to seeing.
Choose to Be. The. Change.

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