To all of my friends who are waking up everyday, putting in the work to be better men:

Immediately responding to someone asking a question or sharing their opinion with your “snowflake” related comment is actually doing the exact opposite.

It does not make you funny.

It does not make you Sean Whalen
(who is one if my favorite humans, so I’m not talking shit here)

It does not make you a lighthouse.

It makes you look like an uneducated human or a boy with nothing better to do than “name call”.

Ask yourself, “what is this serving?” Every time you call someone a snowflake accompanied by the “laugh so hard you’re crying emoji”.

Frequently I see this being used as a quick response…everywhere.

I get it. And sometimes (rarely), that may be a valid response. But 9 times out of 10 it is not.

If you’re going to chime in, provide something of actual value, something constructive, or an actual valid response for your agreement or disagreement.

If you want to better understand people, you have to quit being to quick to label or judge them.

If you want people to see your point of view, you have to educate them, not cut them down.

I truly want us all to be better people. Better men. Better women. So I just had to point this out.

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