I keep this photo on my refrigerator door so I see it every day.

Not because that’s my goal body like most people would assume. (It’s pre-boob job and pre-squat for the booty so no, trust me it’s not my goal body)

I keep it there as a reminder of when I first got a taste of TRUE FREEDOM.

I’m 18 years old in this picture. Standing on the beach in San Diego.
This was the first time I had traveled alone.
The first time I put my toes in the Pacific Ocean.
The first time I had traveled West at all actually.

And it was the first time I made a decision solely for myself and without asking for permission or for someone’s advice on what I should do.

It was the first time I didn’t care what anyone thought or how they called me crazy for getting on that plane.

Put you see, they didn’t feel it. They didn’t know that urge to FLY I had burning inside of me…

I remember that trip like it was yesterday.
I remember the feeling of pure freedom and absolute possibility.

So I keep this photo where I can always see it as a happy reminder that I am truly meant for this life and that a big part of me always knew it.

Looking back now it’s all so clear. It all makes so much sense. I was never the crazy one that they labeled me for wanting to jump, to fly, to do whatever random thing popped into my head.

They were the crazy ones for trying to keep me down or keep me inside of the “what you’re supposed to do” box.

I know that the 18 year old version of me would have been obsessed with what I’ve built for myself and be truly proud of who we’ve become. And that makes my heart smile.

Making the conscious decision to live life on my terms was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

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