Let me tell you a story real quick. This is a conversation I had the other day…

“Jamie, what are you working on right now?”
‘Oh you know, just business stuff’
“Ya, but like what?”
–takes a deep breath–
‘Ummm writing a new copy for my website because I’m not just a project manager and that’s what it says currently….6 webinars for one client, 4 new SOPs for another client, new proposal software for another, setting up 4 new funnels for myself, finalizing sales copy for my live event to launch this weekend, the outline for my book (YAY!), the final draft of my latest e-book, product videos for the get shit done product line, spring cleaning my inbox, spring cleaning my house room by room.
Ya know, on top of all the normal day to day admin processes, writing, journaling, gym, day to day management for my clients, a million conversations, and physical therapy on my knee…. and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.’
‘Hey, you asked’ 😉
Now I’m not telling you this so you’re like super impressed with excellent my productivity skills or think “Oh my gosh, I’m not doing enough!” Or to feel sorry for me because I “work too much”.
I’m telling you this because the beauty of it all is…..it doesn’t FEEL LIKE WORK.
And guess what, if it did and I hated it and was miserable I would just, stop. Because who’s telling me I can’t? No one. I make the rules.
Moral of the story: Learn to love the day in and day out stuff. Learn to approach each list with calm and confidence. Learn that YOU always come before your work. Learn that Rome wasn’t built in a day and quit being so damn hard on yourself.
Switch that mindset and overwhelm won’t be a problem anymore.

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