Planning the week out on Sundays guarantees that I have a successful week.

Even if shit hits the fan, things are still lined out for me to follow and be productive.

I figure in all appointments with clients, time allocated for my Project Management clients, and time for working ON my business.

I plan specific time for training, yoga, cardio and self care.

I write in my daily non negotiables like stretching, journaling, reading, writing, getting outside.

I schedule weekly time with family or friends at least once a week.

I figure time for grocery shopping, cleaning the house, running errands.

I write out a dinner menu for the week based off what I have in the fridge/freezer to be cooked.

I even factor in “me time”.

The point is, it’s all written out for me. I’ve found that if I stick to it, then I don’t stress. I don’t run around in chaos feeling like everything is weighing down on me. I don’t worry that I forgot something.


And those that prepare, succeed.

So trust me when I say that the 60 minutes it takes you to prep for the week is nothing compared to the peace of mind and balance you’ll have all week long.

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