How often do you find yourself saying “Oh, I’m sorry” for no reason at all. You have nothing to be apologizing for but for some reason our reaction when we make someone uncomfortable is to say “I’m sorry”

BUT I think it does even deeper than that. Are we playing down our own amazing-ness by always apologizing for nothing?

How ridiculous is that? Nope, not anymore.

I refuse to feel like I should be ashamed of MY accomplishments simply because it reminds you of the fact that YOU do nothing about overcoming your own insecurities…

I will not apologize for my hard work because it makes you feel bad.

I will not apologize for setting my own hours or for working from wherever I choose that day because I’ve worked incredibly hard to create this privilege.

I will not apologize for having a fit body because I have put in the work and busted my ass for over a year to get it.

And neither should any of you.

So many of us dim down our own successes because we feel bad for talking about them. We don’t want to make anyone else feel bad or sad. So we’re hush hush about the amazing things we do or get or create.

“Oh, it’s not big deal” when actually, it’s pretty damn awesome and we should be celebrating!

Fuck. That.

You work hard for it? BE PROUD of it.

Whether it’s your business,
Your new car,
Your amazing schedule,
Your nice ass…


Do you. Be kind. And work hard.

On the other hand; Don’t let other peoples success make you bitter and passive aggressive, let it fuel your fire and push you to actually DO SOMETHING.

You get to lie in the bed you make.

So might as well make it a California King with bamboo silk sheets.

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