I’ve written before about daydreaming… about allowing yourself time every day to picture your life with the things you see in your dreams. Picturing life the way you “see it” when you’re talking about the vision you have for your life. Maybe when you think about it or talk about it, you’re talking like it’s never actually going to happen…

But what if you allowed yourself to think that it CAN happen? That is IS possible?

I spend time daily daydreaming about it all, smiling because it’s amazing and I know it’s unfolding in front of me.

But the past couple of days I’ve started putting myself IN THE SITUATION physically, too.

I spent time with people more established than me talking about life and business and how thinking outside of the box is what sets people apart.

Those conversations CHARGE me up every time and give me the energy and excitement to create!

I’ve also found myself drawn to a certain part of town the past few days… so why fight it? Why go to the same ol’ comfortable coffee shop down the street when I can go adventure in a different part of town, be surrounded by different types of people, and get a whole different vibe?

Today I’m sitting in a cute little café with an eclectic feel that’s next to a custom fur shop. I’m across the street (unknowingly until I pulled in) from the tailor who has created custom designer suits for my boyfriend for years. I’m in a place where I’m told “the sales taxes are super high so you can never afford to live there” and honestly, I fucking feel at home here. The people are different.The atmosphere is different. And I’m in love.

I’ve learned over the past couple of years that I do that… I fall in love with places, with towns. I fall in love with their feel, with their architecture, with their little details. And my heart just feels connected when I’m in beautiful places.

It doesn’t hurt that the homes here are either one extreme or the other… which I love. They’re either something brick, resembling a castle and breath taking, or they’re quaint, cozy cottage, colonial style picture perfect home.

Maybe I love it here because I know I stick out. I know I’m different. I drive through the streets in my lifted “redneck” Jeep surrounded by Mercedes and LOVE the diversity. I LOVE IT. I jump out in my platform sneakers, my skinnies and a white t. I know people have zero idea what I’m all about as I walk into the coffee shop, sit down and pull out my laptop. The laptop where I run my uber-successful business. And I love it.
Breaking people’s stereotypes is one of my favorite things to do.

So okay, let me get to the point here… What if combine the daily daydreaming, with the daily journaling how you want to feel, and then actually putting yourself in the positions/places you want to be and put that manifestation into hyper drive.

The more you do this, the more you believe it. The more you feel it. The more you know if your guts that it’s possible. The more you become crystal clear. The more you become completely, without a doubt sure as hell that you not only deserve that life, but you become absolutely certain that you must have it.

Quit being afraid to dream your dreams. Put yourself in the middle of them. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Let yourself have it.

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