My Big Secret

Secret about me: I’m that crazy dog mom.
My furbabies act like humans and as far as I’m concerned, they are my children. Well, that might not really be a secret.. But I’m going to expose one here in just a minute….
They have birthdays. They go on visits with their Grandparents. They sit on the coffee table to get closer to their Aunts when they walk into my house. They sit in the car like humans. They are best friends. They take up more space in my king sized bed than any person would.
They are people.
So you get the picture…Now what I’m about to tell you might make a little more sense.
I have to confess something to you… A major goal of mine…Something I am working to make my reality.
When people have asked “What are you working towards?”
My response is always “Freedom and the ability to charter private jets that will allow my dogs to fly with me when I travel”
And that my friends is a fact. Every time I fly I think about it. I write about it in my journal regularly. I picture it in my head all the time.
That embodies true freedom to me. To be able to jump on a plane with my 2 furbabies to go wherever I choose to go, whenever I choose to do it.
To take it a step further, it will also include a property in the mountains and one on the beach in a small southern town. Places where I can jet to, host business events, bring my family, go to write my books, bring my animals, and not have to worry about it.
Obviously, I’ll put them up as Air BnB’s when I’m not using them to make some passive income and to fund my jet bill 😉 Duh.
Now some of you may be reading this thinking that I’m just a silly girl dreaming… but I want you to remember this exact post when I share a picture of Bonnie and Mac chilling on a plane at some point. Because I promise you that I am way more than just dreaming. I am just giving you a little glimpse into the life that I’m creating, the life I’m speaking into existence.
Because if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.16939180_10154950993000797_4485803974199194834_n

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