Your message isn’t what you “think” people want to hear.

That fabricated message will do one of two things:

-Fall on deaf ears because there is a large group of people who see through bull shit.


-Cause you to have to put all of your energy into trying to keep up with the persona who decided to try and sell people on.

Neither of those two options are going to get you want you want. They won’t get you satisfaction or freedom or more money (at least on in a long term).

They will get you stuck and scared and exhausted. They will get you backed into a corner you never wanted to be in in the first place. And/or they will get you to where no one will trust you.

So please, stop sharing the bullshit you think people “want” to hear or that might make people buy from you or like you or believe you and instead, simply share YOU.

Share the real Oz, the one behind the curtain.

The real shit.
The raw shit.
The reality of your life.

Where were you?
Where are you now?
How’d you get from there to here?
Real talk.

Tell your story. And not just the shiny, pretty side of things.

That’s not what people relate to.
That’s not what people learn from.
That’s not what will impact people.

Your message needs to be what you speak in your head. What you feel. What you believe. What your heart tells you to say. What you truly LIVE.

Your message will flow out of you, if you let it.

So stop the fabricating of bullshit you think we want to hear. We get enough lies from everywhere else. So stop it. And show us who YOU really are.

The world needs more authenticity.


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