Hero of the Story

16649151_10154898805820797_7240505634582737800_nI’ve always been quick to love and when I love, I give my everything. I remember being around 19 years old, feeling heartbroken and disappointed yet again by some guy who wasn’t man enough to be what I needed in a partner (or whatever that looked like to my 19 year old self).

Each time this happened, it pushed me to build what I wanted and be dependent on no one for anything. I got stronger every single time. My skin got thicker and it was at that age that I first fell in love with this quote:

I am the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved.

It is connected to me on a deeper level, always has been. I feel it in my bones. It just fits.

I’ve fully embodied that quote for 10 years. Used it to keep me pushing, to remind me that I truly am the hero of my own story, that I was paving this path single handedly, and that was something to be proud of.

In moments of weakness or times I let the doubting thoughts creep in, I reminded myself that it is MY story and I will always be the hero here.

I would stand up, toughen up, put my invisible crown on (because in my story, hero’s wear crowns) and get back to work.

This morning I was spending some time reflecting and realized that this quote, While still absolutely relevant and close to my heart, it’s meaning to me has totally morphed.

I no longer look at it as a way to pick up from a relationship and push forward. It has nothing at all to do with relationships in my mind anymore. It has become my warrior call to life over all.

Words have always had a big impact on me. Quotes, much like song lyrics strike a chord deep within me and they snap me out of it every time. Or they remind me of things I typically try to avoid.

I owe my strength to my ability to connect with these words. And to be able to reflect on how the same quote can still effect me, but in a totally different way and it’s comforting.

It’s evidence to me that even before I truly understood the powers of the universe, it was conspiring for me.

And it’s in these moments of reflection and realization that I am truly grateful for this journey.

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