Lately I just feel so CONNECTED.
Connected on such a deeper level. Connected to myself, to the universe, to my purpose, to my clients, and to people I didn’t really think I would be connected to at all. It’s almost a little strange.

But then again, it’s really not. Trusting in that feeling, in that connection is the most comforting thing I’ve felt in a long time.

I can’t explain to you why I trust it, but I do.

I think it comes down to 2 main things….

1- Clarity. Being clear and honest about what you really want and why you’re really here.

2- Listening. Allowing myself to connect and have silence. Because it’s in the silence that you truly hear.

How do you get to this point? Practice.

Write every day. Be aware of your thoughts. Allow yourself to feel. Understand why you feel the way you feel. Explore everything. Question it all. Dig deeper about it all and LISTEN to yourself.

Working on yourself is the most important work you’ll ever do.

Start now. You’ll thank me some day 😉

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