8:00 on a Thursday night after the 2nd 12 work day in a row.. the LAST thing I wanted to do was lift.

I don’t normally work out at night.
My trainer was busy so I’m solo.
I am exhausted.
My back is killing me.
I didn’t get enough sleep last night.
I’m out of post work out.
It’s snowing.
My phones about to die so I can’t listen to music.
I have so much other work to do.
My dogs been alone all day.

A long line of excuses that went through my head in literally 3.2 seconds.

And at second 3.3 I told myself to shut the hell up and put on your gym clothes.

And that’s what I did.

Because I refuse to justify an excuse. I refuse to not follow through. I am committed and I refuse to let myself down.

Working out is 90% more about my mental strength than it is any muscle definition you can see.

It’s about being stronger than the excuses in my head.

Because it is all of those times where you do the work regardless of the 100 reasons not to, those times are all bricks that add up to build your success.



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