Are you prepared for life?

I refer to my gym sessions as “training”.. I’m not really sure why exactly but I do. It could be because I go with a Personal Trainer, or that I’m weight training. I never really thought of why honestly…but that’s not really the point here.

The point is, I had someone ask me the other day..”What are you training for?”

My response: “ Life”

I am training for life. I’m training my body to be prepared. Have you ever watched one of those movies where they end up running through their life at some point and climbing through some insane obstacles just to survive?

Well I would watch that and think “there is no way my body could do any of that.. I can’t even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath”

Ya I know a lot of that is made up scenarios and the chances that I’d ever be put in that situation at slim to none but in all seriousness, Ask yourself this question: Is your body strong enough to survive if you had to fight for your life?

Almost a year ago, one of my mentors said to me “Either you’re a warrior in the garden or you’re a gardener in the war” and that was a HUGE light bulb moment for me.

In most aspects of my life, I was a gardener. I was pushing it in business, killing it and being a warrior. But in terms of knowledge, mental control, nutrition, and physical ability, I was a gardener. I was NOT prepared to fight for my life if necessary. And honestly, that is NOT okay with me.

It’s insanely important to me that I can take care of myself. For most of my life I just viewed that as needing to be independent and financially able to pay my own bills and answer to no one but that is really only a part of it.

So to be clear, why do I go to the gym?

To train for life

Why do I study everyday?

To train for life

Why have I taken the time to learn my body and nutrition?

To train for life.

Why did I get my CCW and practice with my weapon regularly?

To train for life.

Why do I focus to learn everything I can from every situation?

To train for life.

Why do I spent time paying close attention to the way I feel and think about things that come my way each day?

To train for life.

Why do I meditate and practice control my mind?

To train for life.

Just a little something to think about friends… if shit hit the fan tomorrow, could you handle it? Are you prepared to handle it?

Be honest with yourself here;
Are you a warrior in the garden, prepared for whatever life throws at you?


Are you a gardener in the war, completely unprepared to handle a curveball thrown right at your face?

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about that. What does it mean to you to be prepared?

What can you do daily to make sure you’re not just going through the motions, but actually present and aware and ready to take on whatever is put in your path at any given second?

It will bring a sense of calm and control to your life that is hard for me to explain. But it’s certainly something I wish for all of you.

Be the change. Get prepared and be a warrior in the garden, friends!

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