A good coach picks you…not the other way around.

A good coach doesn’t just jump into a deal with you just because youre ready to pay them. They don’t take your money before seeing if you’re a good fit.

A good coach is picky about who they choose to work with.

Yes, you may be hiring them and you’re the one giving them your money but to a good coach, its about more than that.

It’s just as much their decision to work with you as it is yours to work with them.

Every coach is different but if they aren’t requiring you to have a call first, or read over a ton of documentation, or fill out a questionnaire… they’re probably not the kind of coach that’s really going to get you a transformation.

They get to say yes or no based off of you and how clear you are (or whatever they use as a measuring stick for their particular coaching style)

They choose, not the other way around.

Go in clear with what you want or what you’re stuck on. And if what you’re stuck on is being clear, SAY THAT.

The relationship MUST be set up on honesty or you’re wasting your money.

If you’re not honest with where you’re REALLY at, how do you expect someone to help you level up?

Just some words of wisdom for those of you who are looking to hire someone to help you start out 2017 the right way. 😉

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