Coffee shop hustle and bustle. I wonder if what it is about this place. Well, not this place in particular but the coffee shop atmosphere in general. No matter what town I’m in, I can walk into a coffee shop and the vibe is the same.

There’s a creative energy in the air.

There is a mixture of chatty conversation, business meetings, and those who, like me are nuzzled in a comfy chair or at a corner table, laptop in their lap, coffee in hand, and headphones in their ear. They’re focused. They’re in the zone and I would like to think that they are creatives. Not every lifestyle or occupation supports sitting in a coffee shop at 11am sipping coffee. So I often find myself wondering what there story is, what they’re working on and if they are really listening to something or just wearing headphones to avoid anyone thinking it’s okay to have conversation with them.

And even know I don’t know them personally, there is always a level of comfort that I have come to adore. The comfort of knowing it’s a safe space. A space where I can get lost in my work and not look up for hours and it just seems that every single person in the room supports that decision because, well… they’re doing the same thing.

One of my favorite things is the dynamic of these rooms. For example, right at this moment I look up and see a mother with her 2 daughters picking out muffins, a young priest waiting for his latte to be ready, two girlfriends catching up in the corner, and easily over a dozen people engulfed in their books or laptops obviously getting shit done. The diversity is intoxicating.

If you’re reading this and wondering “What the hell is she talking about? Coffee shops are chaotic and busy” I welcome you to really look at how you’re viewing the world.

Are you really SEEING it? Or just skimming the surface?

In order to really truly experience life it is my belief that you need to open your fucking eyes.

Like REALLY open them and SEE what’s in front of you. See the reality, but also see the beauty. Observe the interesting, let the warmth of other people fill your heart and give you hope. Be a part of the things that actually do make this world a beautiful place by truly allowing yourself to see it and experience.

For the moment that you start opening your eyes and really seeing the beauty of this earth and all that’s in it, is the moment that you can start being a part of the solution and no longer a part of the problem.

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