Stop teaching your daughters to hate other woman.

They hear you compare yourself to other woman. They hear you hate on a chick because she’s too skinny or too fat or has the purse you want.

They hear you downgrade someone because of what they drive or where they live.

You could be simply making a comment.
Or kidding around.
Or jealous.
Or maybe you’re having a bad day…

But remember, your daughter hears you.

This “girl on girl” hate has been going on for too long.

It’s up to US to set a different example for the new generation of woman.
The new generation of girls who will grow up to run empires and make waves and change this world.

You can help them now by teaching them their worth and that there’s no reason to ever compare themselves to anyone.

Teach your little girls what it means to be compassionate, to love each other, to support others for their uniqueness, and most importantly, TEACH THEM TO LOVE THEMSELVES ♡



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