Your house is a mess but you don’t think that’s affecting your productivity? Well guess again.

I have a client who is in a place of growth in his professional life but was still struggling on some personal planning and mindset issues as well. There was a lot of self-doubt and not believing in himself or what he was actually capable of. It took us a while to really get to the root of it but this was really holding him back in all areas.

Honestly this is something that can majorly affect your growth in business and the ability to scale so what I found out after talking more with him about his personal life I learned that he had multiple projects inside of his home that were half started and not finished. When I asked why, he was quick to spit out a million excuses. Maybe they were valid, maybe they weren’t, but in the grand scheme of things.. That doesn’t really matter. An excuse is an excuse.

So let me break it down as to why this is such a HUGE block…. Picture this: He woke up every morning looking at a house that was half finished, standing in a kitchen with unpainted walls. What I explained to him was he literally was proving to himself every single day that he could not count on himself to follow through on his word. He showed it right in front of his face that he started projects and never finish them.

I also explained to him that this was seriously clouding his mindset and ability to have confidence in himself and be productive in all areas of life.

These half finished projects needed to be handled and cleared up within his personal space in order to clear up the space in his mind and have a good mindset to dive into the other areas of life.

He told me that the projects would take him over six months to complete and it was just too much to handle. He didn’t even know where to start.

Well of course you know me, I didn’t take that as an excuse and I asked him to write down as bullet points of what projects he needed to get done and what the estimated time frame would be to complete said projects.

Then we sat down and within one hour of talking through each project we lined out what tools he needed, if he had everything to get started, what needed to be done before he could start, and how we can prioritize the projects in a timely fashion so things flow together and certain tools were not needed to be brought out over and over again and everything would flow really smoothly.

By the end of that hour, we had planned out all projects being completed within less than two weeks. Yeah you heard that right, TWO WEEKS.

And no I did not schedule him out with 20 hour days or anything crazy taking away from his other parts of life or overwhelming him with too much to do. I worked with his schedule and we broke it down day-by-day, project-by-project.

We planned it out to flow in a simple way to get shit done.

Now he wakes up in the morning, looks around at a FINISHED PRODUCT. He told me that the did didn’t realize how much that sense of accomplishment would affect everything. His confidence in his ability to actually follow through has been a major game changed in his mindset and outlook on things within his life.

What has he changed ? Well he has proven to himself that he is completely capable of following through on what he started and what he has promised to himself and others to achieve.

It’s funny how something as simple as productivity can can fit into each part of your life and affect at all.

Everything fits together guys.

All areas of your life are part of what it takes to GET SHIT DONE overall.

This is the kind of thing that I teach my 1:1 clients and also one of the things I give overview lessons in with and Get Shit Done private group coaching I run.

if this is something that sounds right to you, here’s the link


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