This is how I spent my day…

Sitting fireside soaking up the ambiance of this beautiful fire and getting some major hustle on.

While I spent the day writing, working on client projects, and writing out strategy for the next 60 days…. I was actually getting EVERYTHING crossed off my to-do list for today…. with the help of my team of course.

-The longggg list of emails got answered.
-Marketing was handled.
-My personal projects were caught up.
-A shipment I messed up got corrected, returned, and refunded.
-My fridge was stocked full of yummy food.
-The washing machine got fixed.
-Back end of website repairs made.

This is how you get shit done.

“Oh but Jamie, you have a team of people now to help you”

Yes I do. But flashback to earlier this year and I was a one man show and I still got all of these things done just the same by myself. (just longer. more stressful, more exhausting days, ha!)

Look, your team is only as organized and productive as you are. You are the leader. You set the stage for the expectations and quality of work.

And if you’re on top of your shit, than your team will have what they need to be 4x as productive as you can by yourself.

-Create the plan
-Write out the details
-Delegate the tasks with clear expectations
-Let your team do their jobs
-While you do yours and grow your business.

THAT is how you GET SHIT DONE, friends.


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