“Hiring a personal assistant? Great that means you’re going to have so much more free time! “

I just kind of sat there staring as I heard that statement.. I’m pretty sure I even tilted my head a little like a dog does when you ask them if they want to go outside. I know my facial expression couldn’t hide the look of sheer confusion on my face.

An assistant is going to give me free time? Is this really what you think?

No, quite honestly it will do the exact opposite. Sure it will free up some space in my day BUT it’s that freed space that needs to be put towards activities only I can do within my business. Ya know, CEO kind of shit.

When I hired my first virtual assistant it was a huge eye opener to me. It was incredible to be able to work on my content, calls with my clients, and whatever other activities I had on my plate that day, all while know that at the same time Tiffany was performing a list of tasks too. I was more than twice as productive with her on my team.

See what I’m getting at here?

When you’re used to working as a “Solo-prenuer” you fight to become the most productive individual you possibly can be. You try new ways to organize, new programs, anything you can get your hands on to be the most efficient person possible. Funny thing is though, if you hire someone to work WITH you, you can be 14 times more productive without driving yourself crazy…if you do it right.

You have to make space for you to market, create, and be available to more people (clients) in order for your business to continue to grow.

Here are some things you can think about when looking to move from a “One-man Show” to a “Badass Empire Building Boss” ;

1. What to delegate?

Everyone sucks at this at first. It’s easy to think “it’s just faster if I do it myself” versus writing down instructions and assigning tasks to someone else to complete. It takes organization. It takes understanding the steps that actually have to happen for your business to run every day. It takes communication skills.

So here’s what I suggest; Open a document or get a piece of paper. Spend a few days documenting tasks that you personally spend your time on that someone else could be doing. Write them down. No matter how small or how big. Go back to that list several times a day for a few days and keep adding to it. When you’re done, you’re lookin at the places you need assistance the most.

Maybe it’s admin, maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s technical stuff. You won’t really know until you make the list.

2. In person or Virtual?

Today, businesses have shifted. It’s totally normal for a 7 figure business to be ran solely by a virtual team. People who have never met in real life are working for the same company, across the country. So ask yourself…does this job have to be done by someone live in my office? Or can it be handled virtually?

This will give you the next step in the searching process. You take your list from above, which is now your list of skills and qualifications and you now know where to look. Are you seeking someone local? Or can your employee work from anywhere in the world? Pretty exciting when you think about it. The options are endless.

3. Proactive to avoid time suck

Back to that point of you being organized and a good communicator. Here’s where that comes in. When you’re hiring someone into your Solo-business world, you MUST be proactive with your time and intentions. Meaning lists, processes and schedules are going to be key. Being proactive versus putting out fires will be the key to a successful team. You can not expect your team to get things done for you if you’re not communicating details, instructions, and deadlines.

A little time spent up front to be sure that you’re LEADING your team, will ensure a successful end result overall.

4. Project Management System

You’re going to need something to organize your thoughts, your projects, all of those steps, and the random tasks that pop up every day. Your team can’t read your mind, but they can come pretty close if you’re writing down the things as they pop into your head that need to be addressed and handled by your team.

What does that look like? A project or team management system. There are so many to choose from. Most systems have apps you can download onto your phone so you and jot down tasks and assign them with a timeline to the proper person right then and there. This will save you an enormous amount of time! No more writing it down on a post it so you can enter it later, or send an email and then have that never ending email chain disaster on your hands.

(Examples: Asana, Wrike, Flow, Trello)

Being organized and proactive with your tasks and expectations for your team up front is key. These steps and tools will help ensure that happens. Because after all, your team is supposed to make things LESS stressful for you, less chaotic. It’s called a “support system” for a reason. They are there to support you, you just have to guide them to do so.

Lastly remember, your assistant is there to clear space in your world so you can focus on expansion and making things happen. Make the most of the situation and LEAD.

Cheers to empire building !

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