I used to bullshit about fitness every day.

Everyday it was written in my planner.




I put it on the list Every. Single. Day.

And every single day, I skipped it.

I hit snooze.
I moved up a client call.
I had to run an errand


I remember thinking “How can I hold myself accountable to actually do this?”

So I joined a yoga studio.
I hired as personal trainer at my gym.

I paid for both up front.
I scheduled my classes.
I scheduled my training sessions.

And it worked.


I know that I do hate wasting money. And I highly value people’s time so by paying up front and scheduling out the sessions, I knew that out my the basic principles that make me, me…I would stick to it.

Now I go consistently. 3 days a week weight training. 2 days a week yoga. 1 day a week cardio.

Yes. I am seeing changes in my body.
Yes. I am feeling stronger for the first time in my entire life.

But the biggest change for me is that I QUIT BULLSHITTING.

I quit lying to myself and I started following through.

Please do not underestimate the power of following through on the promises you make yourself.

By following through consistently have retrained my brain to see that I am NOT full of shit.

I have confirmed with myself that I CAN COUNT ON ME. That I always follow through.

It’s all a mindset thing. It all comes down to mindset.

And THAT feeling is the best I could ask for.

You want you see a change in your life? Quit bullshitting yourself and start following through…that’s where it all begins to shift 👌


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