Business women are starting to look a lot different than what you’re used to.

We wear yoga pants and comfy shoes to the airport.

We come equipped with nice handbags and you’ll never catch us without a power pack for our devices.

Yes, we’re always on our phones but we’re not just texting our girlfriends or cruising social media.. We’re making deals, connections, and money with every strike of our thumbs.

We travel alone with confidence.

While we stand silently in line at the airport and you catch us staring out into space, we’re not thinking about laundry or our boyfriend or our newest pair of shoes (ok, sometimes we might be thinking about those shoes)
But what we’re thinking about our clients, that bank transfer, or our upcoming webinar.

We’re always on.
From the moment our eyes click open, to the moment we close them in bed at night, we’re on.

We pave our own paths.
Sometimes in Stilettos, sometimes in runners.. it’s all the same.

We don’t ask for permission. We do what our gut and experience tell us.

We are ballsy.
Well, because you have to be to make things happen.

And we take risks. And we do so with grace and our heads held high.

You see, we are living the American dream and we’re doing it OUR WAY.


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