Sometimes it really hurts when the people around you don’t grow with you. It can hurt your heart to hear that someone is stuck in a place of pain or resentment or unable to open themselves enough to move forward.

People change.

I used to think that line was bullshit. But I’ve changed so I am proof that it’s possible and it happens everyday.

How do you change? Change for the better?

You do the work.

You attack all the negative and shine your light directly onto it.

You stare your troubles or problems in the face and deal with them.

You work on it every single day.

You tell that negative voice in your head to sit down and shut up when it tries to get you to take the easy way out, or tries to convince you that something is better left the way it is.

During that journey, you become so aware.

Aware of everything. Aware of how you feel in certain situations. Aware of what you’re going to say before you say it. Aware of the reaction before it spits out of your mouth.

And you learn to control it. You are constructive and very deliberate with your words moving forward.

You also become very aware of the people around you who are perfectly content with being dark, negative, and choose to spend their time blaming the world for their misfortunes.

You learn that you can’t save everyone. You can approach them with compassion, you can care, you can love them, you can tell them all of those things but you CANNOT save them. They have to make that choice themselves.

I’ve been doing the work, ruthlessly each day for quite a while now. Just like with everything you want to grow at, it takes consistency. You want to change your outlook, work on it every day. You want to change your attitude, work on it everyday. You want to become more present in your life, you have to work at it everyday.

I’ve been shining the light into all the dusty dark corners of my life. I’ve been going room to room facing my demons. Looking them straight in the face and either working through it or understanding the lessons that were meant to be learned from each of those situations.

How do I do this?

I write every day. Multiple times a day

I read every day.

I tame the voice in my head to think before reaction.

I write my reality daily.


I have created the reality that I have always dreamt of and the crazy thing is, I’m just getting started.

You can do this too. How? Quit talking and start doing. Stop telling anyone who will listen about your so-called plans and start doing.

Prove to yourself that YOU can actually believe what YOU tell yourself.

If you say you’re going to do it, DO IT.

You can train your mind to see the positive. To see the productive. To see the steps to get actual results. But only YOU can do that.

I suggest starting by following through on the promises you’ve been making yourself all this time.

After all, if you can’t keep the promises you make to yourself, how can you expect to serve other people?

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