A big part of “Living Life on Purpose” looks like this to me.

Working from where ever I choose, whenever I choose to.

The two most important things to me are




Everything I produce every day and every action I take feeds into those two things.

When I burned all of the ships, I did it because I know I was born to impact this world. I was put on this earth to make a difference in someone’s life.

And I want to do it on my terms. That’s where the freedom part comes in. Freedom to work from anywhere. Freedom to choose what I do, when I do it, and who I work with. Freedom to make the money I choose and overall:


I wake up every morning and choose to live on purpose. Every. Single. Day.

Do you?

If your anwser is no, why not?!

If I can tell you anything I’ve learned over this entrepreneurial journey of mine it’s that YOU CHOOSE your destiny. And whatever you dream up, whatever you feel inside is absolutely possible… YOU just have to make it happen.

It’s up to YOU.

Don’t look back a year from now and wonder why you didn’t start. Start now! Quit going through the motions and build your life! Build your legacy. Build whatever the hell it is that you want so damn bad.

Honestly, what’s stopping you?


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