Why do you work so much? Why are you married to your business? How is that REALLY worth it?

Well first off… It’s more worth it than words can explain. Imagine being able to pour your heart into something and watch it actually work, actually become exactly what you designed in your brain. And not only does it work but it’s changing people’s lives… which in turn is changing my life every single day.

Why do I work so hard? I don’t know how else to be, honestly. I come from a long line of hard workers. It’s in my blood. I can’t help it. When I commit to something, I’m just that: Committed.

But why do I work so hard at my business in particular? Because I’m building a legacy. I’m building a future that I can actually depend on.

Why am I so confident that I can depend on it?

Because I am in control of it. I built it. I know what makes it tick. I know what will push it forward and what will bring it all to a complete halt. I know that the action is being taken every day to keep it moving forward and to never come to a halt.

Having the power in my own hands to build this business the way I want it is having the power to build the exact future that I want as well.

It’s important to me that I can not only live the life that I WANT but be able to live that life with a partner and hopefully with a family someday.

It’s important to me that I can take care of my family.
It’s important to me that my parents will never have to worry about how they’ll pay their bills in their old age.
It’s important to me that my parents are able to actually enjoy their retirement someday.
It’s important to me that I can contribute to my nieces and nephews future.

It’s important to me that I have the ability to provide that support to the people that I love.

You see me working on the weekends, up until all hours of the night, and you think I’m throwing my life away. That I should be enjoying life. You think I’m wasting my “young days”.

But what you don’t stop to realize is that what I’m actually doing is building the future that I want RIGHT NOW. In this very moment I’m building it.

And I LOVE this ride. Building a business is like a roller coaster ride ever single day and I have to admit, I’m completely addicted to the rush. I’m addicted to the highs. I’m addicted to overcoming the lows. I’m addicted to making it all work. So please don’t worry about me not enjoying my life. I’m enjoying this more than you realize, I promise.

The difference is….You’re only looking at the surface, While I’m looking at the entire big picture… And trust me, it’s a breathtaking big picture.


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