The Important Things StuckThe important things stuck ❤


I look back on the girl I was 10 years ago and yes, there’s a lot of differences in who I am now and who I was then… but the things that really matter, are still there.


*My heart is still the same. Yes, it’s tougher. Yes, it’s wiser.. But the basis is still the same.


I still love with all I have. When I believe in someone it physically hurts me if they are hurting or not living up to their potential. When I call you my friend, I love you with all I have. When I’m in love with you, I love you with all I have. I throw it all in. Yes, I get hurt with this mentality sometimes, BUT loving is one of the best parts of life and I don’t want to ever NOT love with all I have.  I wouldn’t trade all of the broken hearted moments for all of the live lessons and amazing memories I’ve made.  


Looking back at the things I’ve been through in love, I’m grateful that my heart, under the tough exterior..still remains the same.


I’ve realize that when I love someone, I love them forever. Whether they know it or not. They stay in my heart always. Not in a “longing for you” type of way, but in a “I always want you to have happiness” kind of way. And that is one of the most genuine things I feel, all of the time.


*My drive is still the same. I started hustling jobs for cash when I was still in elementary school. I walked everyone’s dogs on my street, took care of their animals when on vacation, babysat every time I had the chance, anything to earn money whenever I could.


As soon as I could get a “real job” I always had at least 3, all at one time. That’s the way I liked it. I wanted to be working. I wanted to be earning money. I wanted the independence and freedom that came along with it. This went on through high school and into college.

That hasn’t changed a bit either. The school of life and busting my ass has taught me much more about what it means to be successful and happy in my  life than my college degree ever gave me. I don’t work multiple jobs anymore and I no longer call someone else “boss” but the hustle is still there.The hustle is more strong and focused than ever. I work for me. I call the shots. I’m building the empire. I have the multiple strands of income. I support me.

The drive, the drive hasn’t changed a bit


And I still believe that no matter what happens, if I pick myself up every time I fall I will always get whatever I set out to have.


While driving to my 10 year high school reunion this past weekend, I realized I didn’t really remember much about highschool except those qualities. My heart, my desire to love with all I have, and my drive has always been there.


And I am thankful that after 10 years, those are the 3 traits that are still there, still strong and stand out the most to me looking back.


Thinking back to that 18 year old girl who thought she had it all figured out, I can’t help but smile because without that girl who was completely FEARLESS and always unapologetically followed her heart,  I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.


Cheers to the next 10 years! 

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