Could you imagine the difference in this world if everyone actually THOUGHT before they spoke?

If people spoke from a place of integrity and realness. If everyone was honest and kind.


“Be Impeccable With Your Word”


Why your word? Because your word is the power you have to create.


You can destroy with your word.

You can build up with your word.


Not only does your word have an impact on you, it also has an impact on others.


People seem to forget that. They don’t realize that when they are quick to judge, or snap at someone, or be unkind, they could quite possibly be tearing someone else apart. They could ruin someones day. They could make someone who was already on the verge of tears for whatever other reason, break down crying. They could plant something in someone mind that stays with them for days.


But we don’t think about that, do we?


Same goes for the way we speak to ourselves. The things we allow ourselves to think. That voice in our head. It all comes from our word. And how we use our word.


What if we all thought before we spoke? And instead of spreading hate and negativity, we spread love and kindness?

What if we used words to build people up?


Could you imagine if everyone took this advice today? And then the next day? And the next day? And it continued to spread until more and more people were being the CHANGE we need to lift each other up and live better lives?


The sad thing is, most people won’t. Most people won’t read this entire post because they think that it’s all bullshit. They don’t believe that something so simple could make such an impact. They are okay being negative and spreading it all around because “hey, it’s life”


Yes, exactly IT IS LIFE.


Why not be intentional on how you spend it?  Why not be intentional with the things you say?


If you did indeed make it to the end of this post, I challenge you to make the change. Be the change and pay attention to what you say before you say it.

Think about it this way, Are you spreading the message you want to spread ?


Or are you breeding the things you “hate” about your life without even realizing it?


Just something to think about…


Be impeccable today.

Be the change.

Go kick ass.




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