It’s going to happen. Don’t ignore it. Embrace it, make space for it and master how to continue on your path. Master how to acknowledge your fear BUT not to allow it to control you or keep you from moving forward.

It’s important to face your fears head on. Handle them. Shut them down. Tell them they can be there but they will not alter your state of mind.

Ignoring your fears will NOT make them go away. They will just hang out and wait for the perfect moment to creep in and really get ya.

Trust me, I’ve tried this method and it does NOT work.


It’s not until you face your fears head on that they will no longer have a hold on you.  And the more you acknowledge them but brush them off, the less they will show up, the quieter their voice will be, the less impact they will have on you.

Be honest, are you facing your fears?

Or avoiding them?


Think about it this way.. So you start gaining some weight… but you decide to ignore it and continue on business as usual… then a month later you realize that your pants don’t fit anymore.

Guess what? Your fears are the same. They grow and grow and grow if you don’t confront them and handle the problem straight away.

Face those fears.

Release yourself from the hold of your fears.

After all, it’s just outside your comfort zone that the REAL magic happens ❤


No go kick some ass 😉



The Queen of Productivity

Online Project & Team Manager for Driven, Badass Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to living life on purpose ❤
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Trust me, you won’t regret this.

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