Your life is what YOU make it.

This weekend I watched one of my high school friends marry the girl of his dreams ❤

As I looked around the room at the people I spent my younger, crazier days with I couldn’t help but reminisce. Our group was like the back road version of “Rat Pack”.

All the guys got were best friends since childhood and us “girlfriends” became so tight we still remain best friends to this day.


We spent everyday together, all of us. Either we were piling into a truck to go raise hell somewhere, sitting around a bonfire or just sitting around the kitchen table talking about life and that hilarious thing that someone did yesterday. We we’re loving life every day.

If you asked any of us, we would confidently tell you that we had it all figured out. (Which we clearly didn’t, but what 18 year old did?)

As I looked around the reception this weekend I saw where everyone stands today, the life they’ve created, the way their future looks now and I am indescribably PROUD.

Now, I don’t remain “friends” with all of them, although we have enough mutual connections that I know the gist of where they are and what they are doing because it occasionally comes up in conversation. But I am proud that I was there for part of it. That we spent the time, made the memories and impacted each other lives the way that we did.


Again, I’m so PROUD of what each of them has BUILT for themselves.

It just reinforces that TRUTH I believe SO deeply,…YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY.

If you want it bad enough, you WILL get everything you want out of life.

One of my favorite quotes actually comes from an old Tim McGraw song that I heard for the first time, ironically enough, with a group of those same people I spent this weekend with.

This line struck deep and has stuck with me ever since… “HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?”


How bad do you need it?
Are you eating, sleeping, dreaming
With that one thing on your mind?
‘Cause if you want it all
You’ve got to lay it all out on the line


Truth. All truth.


Now go create YOUR DREAM.


P.s….. #realtalk everyone needs support sometimes. If you’re not clear on how to fit it all in, how to actually chase those dreams AND take care of your responsibilities AND do everything else that you need/want to do… I have the solution… contact me HERE for more details 




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