How you do one thing, is how you do all things.

Think about it. Do you empty the trash when it’s overflowing? Or just add to the pile and leave it for later? Or hope someone else comes along and empties it?

Do you get up when your alarm goes off? Or how you hit snooze 5x?

Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? Or just talk about it?

Do you take the time to wash the dirty dishes? Or leave them in the sink for days?

How you do SMALL things in your life can absolutely indicate why your life is going the way it is…. or why it’s not really going anywhere at all.

Think about it.

Taking the 10 extra seconds it takes to empty the trash can be equivalent to taking the extra step in your business, or just barely getting by.

Hitting snooze 5 times every morning can feed that excuse you tell yourself as to why you don’t have to commit to a schedule or why you don’t have to be on time. You’re late and someone else, someone who respects time, gets there on time and wins.

Talking about how you’re going to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but barely finishing one is just another example of where you’re talking shit about how serious you are on your health, not actually taking action at all.

Leaving the dirty dishes to pile up in the sink for days could be equivalent to the stack of mail you haven’t opened, the bills that are now late because you failed to take the 5 minutes to open the mail and handle your shit.

These are just a few examples. But as you can see, even the smallest things can feed into the bullshit stories that we tell ourselves every day.

And it’s the bullshit stories that hold you back. They hold you back in life. love. business. friendship. health. fitness. faith. Everything.

Moral of the story, quit being lazy with the little things. You’re creating BAD habits.

So I challenge you to start reminding yourself of this throughout the day…HOW YOU DO ONE THING, IS HOW YOU DO ALL THINGS.

Now go kick ass!

2 thoughts on “How you do one thing..

  1. I LOVE THIS!! IT IS SPOT ON! People dont realize that work ethic is evident in every single thing we do and our attitude toward everything we do, personally and professional!


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