Letting it all go saved my life…

Letting It All Go Saved My Life

Letting it all go saved my life.

I remember being overwhelmed, worrying about how I was going to get it all done, how was I going to possibly please everyone in my life?
It was SO important to me that I never let anyone down.

I could be disappointed by them on the regular, but I would not allowed myself to let anyone else down. I promised the world, said YES to everything, and would literally KILL myself trying to please EVERYONE around me.

As women, we tend to take the weight of the world and hoist that shit right up onto our own shoulders. We think it is ALL our concern. It’s all our responsibility to handle, fix, and make everything perfect.

BUT WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Who worries about you? Who breaks their back to make sure YOU are okay?

Over this past year, I started to LET THAT SHIT GO and it’s changed my life. 

I started working on ME every single day.

I made it a priority to get really hyper-focused on getting in touch with what was really important to ME. I acknowledged every mistake, took the lesson out of those situations and let the mistake GO.

After all, what does holding onto it do?  Other than weigh you down…?

Soon, I started to recognize the people in my life that were not serving me AT ALL. They were instead, sucking the life out of me… literally.  I told them I loved them, forgave them, or whatever needed to be said; removed the toxic and LET IT GO.

Freeing up SO MUCH space for new, amazing connections in my life!

Today, I continue to do the inner work. The things that connect me to myself, to my purpose, to my greatest desires.

Getting connected, mind-body-soul has been the BIGGEST eye opener I’ve ever encountered. And it’s a state of comfort. Comfort in the FAITH I have that this is the right path. Faith in the fact that I am in complete control of every thought, every reaction, and every situation that is thrown at me.

The comfort, faith, vulnerability, raw emotion. They all combine to make me feel stronger than I ever have before. A TRUE source of inner strength.

I have always joked that I was going to take over the world, but now I am confident that I have the strength and determination to do so.


I want to leave you with this….

If you’re struggling right now, having trouble with overwhelm or focus…

STOP what you’re doing right now and do the inner work!

-Write your intentions, your big picture. Write your desires as if they already are.

-BELIEVE that it is all possible. Feel as if it already is. Allow that feeling to empower you

-Write down what you’ve ALREADY accomplished. What have you achieved. Celebrate your successes. No matter how big or how small.

-Practice gratitude. Write out everything you are grateful for.

-Raise your vibe. Make a list of things you love. Things that make you smile.


I do these practices every morning. BEFORE anything else in my day.
These are the things that have strengthened my mindset and my faith.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to COMMIT to a daily inner work routine and make it a non-negotiable part of your day.

Now go kick ass!


P.s. If you’re a driven, ambitious individual who is interested in investing in yourself to make a CHANGE in your life, I can help you. Visit my website for more information

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