Quit hiding behind your “To-Do List”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the queen of lists… BUT too many of us get so caught up in constructing the PERFECT list that that’s all they do…Make Lists.

List making doesn’t get you money or content or or or.. Well, anything except a list, and a little piece of mind. BUT that’s not really what you’re looking for, now is it?

So you get it all down on paper, you’re ready to start taking action and guess what? The day is over or you’re out of time or your appointment is about to start. Damn, no action taken yet….

You become haunted by… (insert Jaws movie sound effects here)..The List!

The big, scary, never-ending list.

Well quit it!

Snap yourself out of the “I gotta make a list”. “Oh let me add that to my list.” “Let me rewrite my list.”  “WHERE IS MY LIST?!”  Frame of mind. Snap out of it!

My tips for this:

Take 5 minutes.. Just you and your paper, well and a writing utensil of some sort.. then follow these steps;

  • -Jot down your intentions for the day (or week whichever works better for you)
  • -Prioritize them. (What HAS to be done by a certain day. Or is most important)
  • -Label them as such ^
  • -Give each of them a time limit (to help stay on task, use a TIMER)

(Keep in mind, the key is to not let your list become overwhelming. Make it manageable)


Yep, that’s right.. Grab the list and go to town. Do what you need to do but most importantly, START TAKING ACTION!

Plan. Commit. Execute.

So to recap; Make the list. LOVE the list. But don’t let the constructing “THE LIST” take up all of your precious time!

Now go kick ass!


Your Productivity Master

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