Fake vs. Authentic.


I’ve realized recently that the word AUTHENTIC means so much more than most people understand.


I overheard this  conversation while standing in line at the store… “She’s so fake, her hairs not really even blonde”


And I couldn’t help but think, “Does that really make someone fake or inauthentic to who they really are? “



If that were the case, then I am fake as fuck. My hair surely does not grow out my head fire engine red and I was not naturally gifted with boobs this size.


Does that define who I am? Does it discredit my authenticity? Absolutely-fucking-not.


All that means is I like red hair and wanted big boobs so I went out and got what I want. To me, that is part of being authentic. That’s staying true to what you feel inside, true to what you desire or enjoy and making it into a reality.


The true meaning of being authentic and genuine is a part of someone’s character. It’s defined by the way they treat others, by the way they operate their lives every day.  It has nothing to do with “unnatural” modifications made to their bodies.


I guess this all really goes back to STOP BEING JUDGMENTAL.


Labeling someone “fake” because of their appearance says absolutely nothing about the person you are judging…
But it sure as hell says a lot about you..

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