Leap. So as you probably know, today is Leap day! Meaning that we are given an extra 24 hours this year, how exciting is that?  I mean, for the hustle obsessed, an extra 24 is a huge gift! Thanks Universe 😉


This morning I was thinking about the word LEAP. That word has been a BIG part of my life this past year. I have taken more leaps of faith in the past 11 months than I did in 28 years.

That coming from the chick who has to have a plan for everything, thats pretty intense shit right there.


To take a leap of faith is to jump, following your heart, your dream, your intuition, and TRUSTING that it’s all going to be okay.  Because honestly, what’s the fucking worst that could happen?  


Let’s break this down real quick.. If you take a leap of faith and it doesn’t work out the way you planned, it’s not the end of the world.


No really, it’s not.


Here’s why:  You learn a lesson. You see what path isn’t the right path. Your eyes are opened to the right place for you to be. You have the opportunity to take that lesson and teach other people, help other people. You take that lesson, tweak your plan of action and you jump again!


Eventually, the leap isn’t terrifying anymore. It becomes empowering. You see it as embarking on an adventure!


So today, on this “bonus day” I am grateful for the leap. I am grateful for the leaps out of my comfort zone I have made. I am grateful for the leaps I’m still making each day. I’m grateful for the lessons and the knowledge. I am grateful for the leap that  got me to where I am standing today.


Have you taken a leap of faith?

If not, ask yourself this….What’s stopping you?!?




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