Coconut Oil, The Obsession is Real….

It is my #1 life hack. It’s my secret weapon. My answer to everything. Seriously.

It all started about over a year ago when someone told me about using it in my coffee instead of creamer. Then I looked it up on Pinterest and the obsession began. I started testing out all of the tips and suggestions I had read to see what worked and what didn’t.

Now I use coconut oil multiple times a day, for many many different things.  

I have people ask all the time, “What do you use it for?”
to which I respond, “What DON’T I use it for?”

So I created this little life hack cheat sheet for you beautiful people to help you make your world a better place using this miracle oil. (Get Excited!!)



Cost: No it’s not always cheap BUT they do sell it in bulk at Sam’s or Costco.  I’ve also learned that purchasing the store brand in multiple smaller containers at Whole Foods is more cost effective than purchasing a large tub there.

Important Note: Always get organic virgin or extra virgin if you are planning on putting it on your skin.

Solid vs. Fractionated: You can use it either way. The fractionated stays liquid and is good for beauty recipes. But if you are using the solid you will see that it melts quickly in your hands and you can use it as a liquid.

Side Note: No large amounts down your drain, it will clog it.


Okay…. On to the Magic of Coconut Oil:

Ingesting coconut oil on a daily basis has many health benefits. Including, but not limited to:

  • lower cholesterol
  • healthy fat source
  • prevents heart disease
  • treats UTI & kidney issues
  • immune system boost
  • provides natural energy
  • joint health/arthritis   


How much to take? The recommended daily dose depends on how much you weigh. For an adult 125 pounds or higher, the dosage is 3 tablespoons. For an adult 175 pounds or higher, the dosage is 4 tablespoons.

You can also use as Coffee creamer, an additive to smoothies, to replace butter when cooking.


Beauty Hacks ( My Favorite! )

  • Use as a moisturizer: full body & face. Coconut oil has is 99% antibacterial properties and is a super moisturizer so it’s truly beneficial to your skin. It fights acne, razor burn, dry skin, irritation, etc.
  • Exfoliate: Combine with baking soda and use as a facial scrub.  (2 parts baking soda, 1 part coconut oil)
  • Shaving cream and aftershave: Coconut oil makes a great, moisturizing shave cream and also helps to keep your razor sharp longer.
  • Beard treatment: No I don’t know this first hand but I happen to have a lot of male friends with strong beard game and they swear by coconut oil for their beard treatment. Simply rub it into your beard, let sit for at least 20 minutes and then wash out! Keep that facial hair tame and soft!  
  • Scar treatment: This is one of the most magical things I’ve seen coconut oil do. After I had surgery last year my scars were pretty gnarly (apparently my body didn’t heal properly) but after one month of applying coconut oil to them daily, I saw a DRASTIC change.  Apply twice a day to scars and watch the magic happen.
  • Stretch marks: Similar to the scar treatment, coconut oil came through again! But this time it made them disappear completely! #coconutoilforthewin 
  • Cuticle treatment: Rub the oil into your cuticles once a day and you will see a major difference in the appearance of your cuticles and the health of your nails. The nutrients of the oil soak in and work their magic.
  • Bath oil: I’m a die-hard detox bath lover and coconut oil is my number all time fav ingredient. I get out of the bath feeling moisturized and glowing! (simply put in 2 tablespoons of oil into the tub before you run the water)   Make sure you clean out the tub after your bath though, or you will fall on your ass next time you shower.
  • Eye makeup remover: No more scrubbing your eyes to get rid of mascara residue! And it only takes a tiny bit of oil remove everything completely.  
  • Hair mask:  Major, Major Key in my life!! Not only does this make my hair feel amazing, it’s more manageable, has more body, and I swear it makes the color stay more vibrant longer. You see, I have naturally dark brown hair but dye it bright red. Every time I go to the hair dresser she’s amazed at how vibrant the color stays in my hair. And the credit goes to: Coconut oil!  Simply scoop your hand into the jar and massage the oil through your hair and into your scalp. Making sure all your strands are covered. Then pin your hair up on top of your head and let it set on your hair for at least 20 minutes. You can leave it on however long you’d like though. In the winter months, I leave my treatment on overnight. Then shampoo/condition as usual to remove the treatment.  
  • Personal Lubricant: Yep, I said it. It’s all natural and actually beneficial to your lady parts. It will not mess with your ph-levels or irritate your skin. It’s the perfect lubricant. (expect if you’re using latex condoms, apparently it can use them to be in-effective)
  • Treat cuts and burns: Coconut oil is soothing as well as, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal. It’s the perfect treatment for your small wounds. I haven’t used neosporin in years!  
  • Supplement for dogs– Coconut oil helps with joint health and a better coat in your puppies (plus they LOVE it!)  I simply mix a tablespoon of oil in with their food once a day.


As you can see, the obsession IS real. But with all of these amazing benefits, why wouldn’t I be obsessed?  (and this is only the things I personally use it for, there are tons of resources out there to give you more suggestions to use it for)


Try these tips and Enjoy the oil life 🙂


Please note: I am not a health professional, these tips are simply my experiences with coconut oil. They may not be the same for everyone.  

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