Gravity and Wine

blog imageEverything they told you about your late 20’s is true.

Gravity will move your ass into a spot that you are NOT okay with.  You’ll understand what people were talking about when they said “teacher arms” and totally get grossed out when you wave and feel your arm fat move.

You can not eat an entire pizza, jack in box tacos, or a bottle of wine and feel like a million bucks anymore. Chances are you’ll be sick as hell and have a new roll to show for it the next day.

Some things they DON’T tell you is that you may turn into an entire different person than you were before. Nineteen year old you wouldn’t even recognize twenty-eight year old you.

The bad life decisions you made when you were barely twenty and drunk 75% of the time, will not follow you through your whole life (unless you want them to)

You can change your taste in men, vodka, wine, and actually start to like beer.

You can create the life you desire.

No really.. what you really, really, wholeheartedly desire. You can create it. You can make it all happen, if you want to put in the work.

(No one ever mentioned the work, did they?! — Bastards)

You’re told your whole life that you can be anything you want to be, right?  Although, that typically meant a lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, or firefighter.

Realizing in my mid-late 20’s that I REALLY could be anything I wanted to be was amazing!!

What was even better was realizing that it didn’t have to be a cookie-cutter career.

My dream job didn’t have to look like everyone else’s.

It didn’t have to look like the stories you’re told your whole life. It didn’t have to fit the mold. It didn’t have to be something that my family understood or that is defined simply.  It really could be whatever the hell I wanted it to be.  I just had to buckle down and get the balls to go after it.

Truth is, nineteen year old Jamie would recognize me now. And would fucking LOVE twenty-eight year old me.

Moral of the story: You can create your reality. You can create the life you imagine.

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