How to Stop Complaining & Be Happy

transformingI recently posted a video about how terrible and unnecessary it was to constantly be complaining. In the video I offered up a few suggestions to help you flip the conversation if someone is constantly complaining to you…

(Here is a link to the video, if you didn’t see it:  TruthBomb Tuesday- Complaining )

After the video was released I got A LOT of feedback… people agreeing or happy to now have a tool they can utilize to help friends switch their complaining conversations around.

BUT I got an overwhelming amount of requests for me to cover the subject of “How to Stop Complaining” 

Well my beautiful friends, Ask and you shall receive!!

I’ve put a lot of thought into this, read a view articles, and had conversation with some pretty intuitive individuals on the subject. After letting it bounce around in my head for a while, this is what I came up with for you;

My “Guide” to Stop Complaining & Be Happy Already! 

  1. Adopt a positive attitude — This is HUGE and can definitely be a game changer in all aspects of your life. It’s not as easy as it sounds, I know. BUT if you train your brain to remove the negative language and replace it with a positive spin, than you will be better off all around.
    The sooner you can accept that no-one and nothing in life is perfect, the better off you will be. If something is beyond your control, accept it for what it is and move on. Simple as that. No need for complaining about it.
  2. Learn to adapt — Change is a part of life, there is no way to avoid it. Learn to adapt and understand that nothing stays the same and there’s nothing you can do about it. Complaining 24/7 isn’t going to make it go back to the way it was before, it’s just going to make you freaking miserable.
    When life throws you for a loop, put on your big girl panties and adapt!
  3. Be less judgmental — Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…  You can’t judge a book by its cover. You’ve heard this a million times but its the damn truth.
    Next time you find yourself complaining about something that someone else did, remember that you have absolutely NO idea what that person is going through or what the reasoning behind their actions may be.
    AND on top of that, why is it your business? Don’t you have better things to do than to complain about something someone else did anyways?
  4. Take action — When something unfortunate happens or the circumstances are not what you would have hoped, take action to change things.  9 out of 10 times, your efforts will flip the situation around in your favor.  In that 1 instance where you can’t, vent about it and let it go. NEXT!(Side Note: VENTING and Complaining are NOT the same thing!)
  5. Be More Present — Pay more attention to the NOW.  Be present in your current situations. Your current decisions or opportunities that you have in front of you.
    The past can never be changed and worrying about the future is pointless. Complaining about either is even more pointless. Rather, than complain about things that you can not control, why don’t you move in the present time and be in the present situation as it unfolds.
    Recognize any negative thoughts you may have and replace them with a positive spin. The more you do this, the more it becomes habit!
  6. Be assertive — Know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it, or go after it. Take control of your life and express what you want.  Don’t leave your desires up to assumption. Confidence is key. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.
  7. Be the change — When you are sitting in a group and everyone is complaining, don’t join in. Either speak up and tell them to knock it off, change the subject, or be silent and don’t engage at all.
    You have the right to choose NOT to be apart of a negative, meaningless conversation. And by making the stand not to be, you may just strike up a change in others around you.
  8. Be a fountain, not a drain.  — no explanation needed here.

Interested in being more in control of your life, more balanced, happier, and super-human productive everyday?  Visit HERE to download a FREE guide!

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