Haters. How often do you scroll through your Facebook and see someones post about people who are “hating on them” or trying to knock them off their success train?

It happens more than it should. I myself have dealt with my fair share of Haters. Much more frequently lately, since I’ve started my coaching business.  I’ve learned that there will always be those people who try to put you down, try to dull your sparkle. BUT my question is, why do they always get the spot light?  If they want to be assholes, why don’t we tell them to kiss it and move on?

Yesterday, I was thinking about friends, family, and passers by you stop just to leave you some negative comment and try to ruin your day. So frustrating, but why do we let them win? We may not let them get us down, but we do let them get our attention. And usually a conversation or post about brushing off their negative nonsense.

What about your supporters?
What about the cheerleaders who are there behind you every step of the way?
The ones who understand the hustle.
Who understand that you are building an empire and that it is f*cking hard.
The ones who listen to your new creative ideas and can’t wait to see your new content!

I challenge you..

Let’s shine more light on those people. Post about them. Share the love.

Let’s promote positive, productive action and conversation!

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