war pants smallSo today. I woke up and put my war pants on.

Yes, I have war pants.

I’ve been hiding from life the past few days and kind of sitting in self doubt. But last night, I build a fire, no fire starter log, nothing to help it burn. Just me being stubbornly dedicated to getting this fire started… I went out into the yard and gathered twigs about 6 different times and sat there, feeding this fire until it was strong enough for me to put a log on.

And then I sat down and sewed.

Yep, there is a 90 year old grandmother inside of me.

I sewed buttons on my coats that needed mending.  I knocked something off my to-do list that’s been on there for a year. (literally, button-less coats for over a year)

And then I continued on my path of productivity, not work. But little tasks that made me smile. That made me happy for the moment.

So I woke up this morning in a different light. Instead of rolling over and snuggling back up to my 80lb lap dog and staying in bed all morning, I got up. I yoga’d like it was my job, I cleaned up the kitchen while listing to a Dolly Parton Christmas CD (there’s that grandma inside of me again) and I wrote down my intentions for the day over an amazing cup of coffee.

(Note the use of the word “intentions” versus “tasks” or “to-do”)

And in those intentions I listed, “Self Care”…..

It’s silly that we have to remind ourselves to take care of ourselves, but we do. I have to make a conscious effort every single day to take care of me too, along with all of the other things I need to accomplish.

After that cup of coffee and a completed intentions list, I turned on an interview with Oprah that I pinned on my YouTube channel along time ago to ‘watch later’ and I listened to her while I got dressed and prepared for the day.

Listening to a woman who built her dream, who listened to the voice inside of her and let it guide her to where she is now, inspiring me to get up and kick the worlds ass today.

So when it came time to get out of my PJ’s I chose these pants, my war pants. Pants that I purchased because I thought they would be cool to wear to the shooting range or something along those lines. But today they meant something different to me.

They made me smile and feel untouchable.

*My point is, find something in your life each and everyday that makes you smile, makes you feel untouchable.

Whether is a certain shirt, a coffee cup with a great message written on it, or a kick ass pair of pants with guns on them, frankly it doesn’t matter what it is, just choose something.
It truly is the little things in life that make it worth living.
And it is the little things in life that keep you moving forward.
keep you hustling.
keep that smile on your face.

Whatever you do, don’t forget the little things

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