I see people posting quotes about “not chasing friendships” or how you shouldn’t put effort into people who don’t put it towards you and how people feel that their “so called friends” don’t care about them anymore or how you should never be too busy for your friends. And I don’t really agree with this at all. It rubs me the wrong way for some reason. Don’t twist what I’m saying here, some people are just sucky friends and ignore you unless they need something but those people shouldn’t be your friends in the first place so its really irrelevant.
But my point really lies with this fact :  Some people are just busy. 
Plain and simple. Your friends are busy adulting and taking over the world. Some of us are raising kids and managing a household while working on our career. Some of us are dominating our job working on a promotion. Some one us are running someone else’s business while working on their own. Some of us are building our own empire. Most of us are constantly networking with new and old contacts to stay up on our game and informed in our field of expertise, all while keeping everything else on our plate from slipping. Whether you’re researching things to make you a better Mommy or a better PR representative, its all in the same. These things take up our time, take up our brain space. And guess what….That is OKAY!
True friends understand and respect that. They will never throw that in your face or make you feel guilty because they get it! It goes back to surrounding yourself with like-minded people. If you are ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin” chances are, your friends are too.

With that being said, staying in communication with your crew isn’t always the easiest task you face. For example, my inner circle consists of two nurses, two teachers, one manager who also cares for her parents, and a student working multiple part time jobs. Some of which also have children. All of which have insane schedules. So, trust me; I totally understand how schedules don’t match up and its hard to make things work out to see each other.
Here are a few tips that I have used that WORK to stay in tune with your posse.

  1. Group Text Messaging.  
    Yes this can be an annoying thing to get caught up in, but what’s only when its with people you really don’t want to be blowin’ up your phone. When its your favorite group of people, who you love and adore then its totally worth it. It makes it nice to talk about a topic, ask for opinions or try to make plans. Everyone can put in their 2 cents and engage in the conversation.
  2. Snap Chat.
    They say snap chat is for cheating. Wrong! Its for my friends and I to share instant clips of our day with each other. Ever since we started using snap chat, we are able to share a quick glimpse of of life whenever we feel the need to share. I love it because the things I run across everyday that I think are hilarious or completely inappropriate but I feel the need to share, I can. And THEY GET IT! They appreciate that humor too so it works out.
  3. Call.  
    Did you know that the device you use to run your life can actually still be used for making phone calls? Who knew, right?  Make a point to call your friends on your drive to work, or on your way home. or while you’re cooking dinner. Get a blue-tooth device to utilize the time on your commute to chat for a few minutes. It can make all the difference!

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