Today I stopped for lunch at one of my favorite spots in town.. I chose this particular cafe because it’s small and quiet and that’s exactly what i needed to reflect on my busy morning.

I walked in, placed my order and found my seat near the window so I could really do some good thinking..
There was only 1 other table occupied in the cafe, by a daughter and mother. The mother reminded me so much of my Grandmother.  It made me smile when I first saw her and made me think back on many amazing lunches I sat and enjoyed with my Grandma over the years while looking out her back window onto their beautiful backyard.

When I walked into the cafe, the ‘daughter’ was chatting on her cell phone while the mother sat there in silence eating her food. 20 minutes later, the daughter was still on her cell phone chatting with someone on the other end, while her mother still sat there in silence, now finished with her lunch.

All I could  think about was how much I wish I could have lunch with my Grandma just one more time (my grandmother passed away almost a year ago) That woman on her cell phone could have been missing one of her last opportunities to enjoy lunch with her mother. You never know what tomorrow brings or if “next time” will ever be an option again.

Moral of the story: Disconnect. Put the phone down and have a conversation with the person in front of you. Put the phone down and take a moment to enjoy your surrounds, enjoy the company of the person you are sitting with. Don’t be one of those people who regrets not spending enough time with a loved one once it’s too late.

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