Oh the joys of social media. In my world, it is a necessary evil in order to be successful. Networking is how I keep up my business and drive to be more successful professionally and on a personal level. Although, I often find myself analyzing the different types of “posters” people are. Meaning, what someones level of participation on Facebook or Twitter says about them. Its pretty interesting actually. I have identified 7 main types of FB posters that I see most often:

1. “Mr/Miss I post something every 5 seconds” all day every day. I do it or think it and you are going to see it on your news-feed. Wow-wee. I must say that the every 5 seconds type of social media participation must be exhausting, I don’t know how people do it. That is A-LOT of posting. Yes, sometimes the things you think of or do are entertaining and/or funny but if you post 100 times a day most likely all of your friends will either bitch about it to you OR simply use that lovely, glorious “un-follow” button so they no longer have to see it.

2. “The Photo Queen” (or King) I’m not hating on your selfie-game. If you look good or your kid or dog is hilarious, post away! But remember, that is why God made Instagram 🙂

3. “Daily Poster” This person typically contributes to your news-feed on a daily basis and when they do, its usually something pretty legit. Its normally pretty random but interesting. Those are the people who are probably busy as shit but still want to share their awesome thoughts or opinions with the world at least a little bit.

4. “Sharing is Caring”  (Or not so much sometimes) These are the people who share every article, photo and post they like. Simply hitting the “like” button is just not enough for this person. They want everyone in their world to read and view everything they like, just because they like it that much.

5. “Big Things” This is individual likes to search through their friends things, they “like” and comment along the way but tend to not post much on their own page. Unless its something big or important to them. They post rarely but when they do its always something quality and worth sharing.

6. “The Promoter”  The marketing rep or person trying to promote their business or product that they love or work for. This person shares coupons and deals and events constantly to promote whats important or beneficial to them.  No harm here though, most of the time there are pretty good deals and you’re just helping your friends by passing it along, right?  Don’t hate on the hustle.

7. “The Silent Stalker” Ahh… these people think they are sneaky in their game but people like me can see right through it! These folks get online frequently and scroll through their news-feed paying close attention to everything that is posted. Although they never post, or like, or comment; they simply observe (which is a nice word for stalk). They contribute nothing to the world of social media, they just stalk away. BUT they usually give themselves away when they just happen to know everything about your life or where you were last weekend, even though you haven’t talked to them at all. Picture this person as the guy who sits against the wall at bar or park with his sunglasses on and watches everyone. Ha!

Sooo…….What kind of “Poster” are you?

© 2015 Jamie Thurber. @jmeirene. All Rights Reserved

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