showposterAnd then sometimes, you stop what you’re doing and rewind a show 3 times to hear what you think you heard. something that sounded exactly like a conversation you’ve had with your girl friends..things you’ve thought in your own mind on more than one occasion. hmmm…. if someone else felt this way, enough to talk about it in an episode of a popular tv show, then maybe I’m not crazy ….

“Charlotte: What? No, for you maybe, but not for me. Don’t you wanna have the option?
Carrie: Well, yes. But it is my experience that man like him don’t come along that often.
Charlotte: But we’re 38. These are the years.
Carrie: Yes, I know. I’ve heard I’m running out of time.
– I don’t even have time to eat this cookie. – How is it I forgot to have children?
Charlotte: Maybe he’ll change his mind.No, no, I don’t think so.
– He had a vasectomy.

Charlotte:But those are reversible.Is he willing to have it reversed?

Carrie: I can’t ask him that.  I don’t even know his birthday yet.

Charlotte- Well, too bad. At our age, you have to be able to talk about having children if you think it might get serious.
Carrie: That attitude, by the way, that awareness on the part of a woman that time is ticking is very sexy to a man.
Charlotte: But you can’t be scared to have those talks.
Carrie: Why not? It is, it’s a perfectly scary conversation. I didn’t even wanted to have it with myself.
Charlotte: What does that mean?
Carrie: It means that if I really wanted to have a baby,wouldn’t I have tried to have one by now?
I wanted to be a writer, I made myself a writer. I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.
Charlotte: But this is totally different. You have been waiting for the right man and the right time.
Carrie: Yes, that’s exactly the way it goes in my head too. Maybe I’m not just a baby person.
Charlotte: Why should you give up having a baby for a man who you hardly know?
Carrie: Why should I give up a man for a baby I hardly know I want?”

“I wondered if should was another disease plaguing women.
Did we want babies and perfect honeymoons,
or did we think we should have babies and perfect honeymoons?
How do we separate what we could do and what we should do?
And here’s an alarming thought.
It’s not just peer pressure, it seems to be coming from within.
Why are we should-ing all over ourselves?”


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