Random thought..

So, random thought. I’ve lived alone for about 6 months now, well me and my powerhouse boston terrier, Bonnie. and I honestly love it. Its pretty fantastic to have your own space, that’s just yours. You can leave your stuff wherever you want it and no one can say a thing. Its your house. Anyways, my point is I have only found 3 things that I do NOT like about living alone (the reasons are three fold! {if you get that joke, i love you})
#1. when your dog wakes up, ears perked and runs to the door because she heard something. something you didnt hear. and there you sit in the dark in your room wondering what you should do. whats outside the door? what on earth did she hear? and then you think for a second that maybe you should get up and go look..and then you remember. Um NO why in the f’n world would you go look? If its something scarey or bad, you shouldnt seek it out. You’re there alone. (this is the conversation Im having with myself in my head as Bonnie stands there looking at the door, cocking her head to the side like somethings creeping on the other side) At this point I have talked myself out of going to look but instead am hinding under the covers in hopes that IF there is something bad on the other side of the door they may not see me if they decide to open the door to get me. and at that point, hundled under the covers I think, “man..i wish someone was here to check out what the hell is on the other side of that door”
#2. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am a self proclaimed procrastinator. Sooo with that being said, when I actually force myself to grocery shop, I purchase the whole store. I mean, I spend $100 a Aldi’s..which isnt easy. My entire back seat is full of bags, bags of frozen food mostly. And no, they’re not in my trunk because my trunk is full of random, yet useful items(dont judge me). Anyways, so I pull into my garage after what I see as a very successful trip to the store, I turn my car off, open the door to get out and think.. “Damn. I have to carry all these damn bags upstairs.. by myself” sucks. so of course I pile as many bags as I possibly can onto each arm, until they are almost the point of almost breaking, I carry all bags up the stairs, put them on the table and then it hits me again.. “Damn. I have to put all this shit away by myself” SUCKS.
#3. So recently I was pretty sick and I hibernated in my house for about 4 days straight, literally. Well I go to the fridge to open the mini orange juice bottle my mom brought me with the bag of ‘get well’ goodies she dropped off to me (love my mother by the way) and I cant get the damn lid off. I slammed the edge of the lid against the counter.. didnt work. cant get it open. WTF. So I move on to the next option..gaterade. I again, can not get the freaking lid off. at this point I’m pissed. I mean seriously, can’t a girl just get a damn drink around here?? I did the same thing with that bottle, nope. still couldnt get it open. I look around and think.. “Man, I wish someone else was here to open this shit!”

So there you have it. The only 3 reasons that living alone sucks. Other than that..its perfection. Haha *end rant*
(I think I’m hilarious. I’m sorry if you dont agree)

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