written in 2007ish..

Millions of Miles

There are oceans in between us.
Millions of miles. And so much time.
I hate that you’re gone.
I miss you so much.
The distance kills me to think about.
The next time I’ll hear your voice is a mystery to me,
along with where you are.
Lying here at home in my warm bed almost seems unfair.
You have no bed and are lucky if you even get to sleep.
You say you’re doing this for me,
So that I can live a good life here
But how will I ever be able to repay you?

You are going through things I could only imagine,
Doing a job that is more honorable than anything I know.
You are one of the few, one of the proud.
And I am proud of you.
Proud to wear your name around my neck..
I love you for what you’re doing
And the person that you are able to remain after your daily duties are done.

It takes a strong man to live in the dirt
Fight the battle and watch them die
Then still be able to see the good in the world
You may not agree with what you’re doing,
But you continue without complaint
It’s a tough job
Somebody’s got to do it.
You’re one of the few
One of the proud
I’m one of the few
One of the overlooked
And I’ll stand here
Among the silent ranks until you return

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